Hi! I'm Lara!


And I'm thrilled that you're here.  

I'd like to share a bit of my story but before we dive in, please hear this: 

I believe in you and your ability to choose a deep breath, the right pose, food that nourishes, connections that are real, thoughts that empower, and love over fear…. and that you can create the life of your dreams with the right support. 

Hi! I'm Lara!

And I'm thrilled that you're here.  

I'd like to share a bit of my story but before we dive in, please hear this: 

I believe in you and your ability to choose a deep breath, the right pose, food that nourishes, connections that are real, thoughts that empower, and love over fear…. and that you can create the life of your dreams with the right support. 

The Journey


During my entrepreneurial journey and–let’s face it–my whole life, I’ve experienced all the twists and turns and ups and downs you can think of.

And I know that you, Ambitious One, ride your own roller coaster each day as a business owner, an entrepreneur, a mother, a wife, a friend...and any other hat you get to wear. But for too long, too many of us have bought into the belief that to wear all these hats, we would have to give some things up. 

Maybe it’s your health, your sleep, traveling, your time with friends and family. Your sanity.  Or even your peace. 

Now it’s my mission to show you that it doesn’t have to be this way. 

I’ve learned (sometimes the hard way and sometimes not) there’s a way to navigate ALL that I want to do, while having the LIFE I want. 

Sharing this lesson with you is a driving force behind every detail of my business coaching programs. I know you have a desire to share what lights up your soul with others. And I know you’re no longer willing to sacrifice the other parts of you to do so.

How do I know? 

Let’s start at (almost) the beginning...

Becoming an Entrepreneur

Do you remember when you tried something you loved for the first time and it sparked something deep within you?

It was a dream fulfilled moving to Vancouver. But when I got here, I struggled. It took time to meet friends, find my groove, and of course, adjust to the weather (I moved in January!). 

Then, I discovered yoga. 

It took one class until I was hooked. I felt better than I had in a long time... maybe ever.  

I went every day that first week. Then every day for a month. Then every day for 6 months.  Then I took my first teacher training course. Then another. Before I knew it, I was 1000’s of hours in and teaching yoga myself...all while telling everyone I knew all the reasons why they should do yoga too.  

My passion for yoga grew into a burning desire to bring a big vision I had to life in the form of a business: I wanted to inspire thousands more people to realize all the benefits I had.  

I now knew my answer to the question my grandma Elsie used to ask me:

“What’s your legacy going to be?”

In the early days of my entrepreneurial career, I came up against something that might sound familiar to you: taking something I was passionate about and figuring out how to turn it into a successful business. 

I began to create all kinds of self doubt. Who was I to build something like I was envisioning, having not built anything like this before?  

But there was a particular quote I kept returning to and I leaned on it to make the leap: 

“It is not whether you survive outside your comfort zone, it is whether you survive your comfort zone.”

To make a long story short, the stars eventually lined up. I found the right partner and two years later, I co-founded my first business as an entrepreneur: YYoga, and we opened the doors of our first studio. To date 300,000 people have been able to realize for themselves the benefits of yoga, in 12 locations in total now across Canada. 

Becoming a Mompreneur

The timing of life sure can be interesting.  

Just as my dream was beginning to manifest before my eyes and my first business was taking off, I co-created a major competing priority... 

A baby!  

Maybe it was my determination or maybe it was the hormones, but like many of you women, I thought “I can do this–no problem!” In fact, formany months, I thought I’d bring my baby into work in a basket the way my colleagues brought their dogs. Of course, I also imagined the baby would sleep sweetly while I worked like nothing had changed.


After Jaia was born, I had a whole new appreciation for moms and parents. Not to mention, a whole new definition of “time-management.”  

As I transitioned back into work mode, I got to deal with many things I didn’t expect to...

  • Finding my place on a team that had grown
  • Dealing with mom-perceptions 
  • A perceived feeling of less-than
  • A constant inner-conflict of wanting my business baby to be successful and at the same time be home rocking my little one

I certainly learned how to get fierce with my time to get done what needed to get done and then get home to be with my baby and husband.  

And then, just as I started to feel like I was figuring it all out... along came baby #2!

Coming Back From a Near Death Experience... 

One of my goals is to help other women appreciate and take care of their life and health without it taking a serious crisis to do so.  

This goal was sparked by my own near-death experience.

I won’t go into all the gory details, but as a result of a cascade of errors, I almost died giving birth to our second child.

And from our greatest challenges come our greatest gifts.  

I figured out how to heal and revive my body and health. I delved into food as medicine, studying ayurvedic practices, natural remedies... and used juicing as a key part of my recovery. 

And I found myself once again wanting more people to experience firsthand the benefits I did!

I now realized what being a serial entrepreneur felt like. And when lightning strikes, it’s time to take action. 

This lightning strike resulted in business #2 and bringing to market the first 100% organic cold-pressed juice company in Vancouver. It also meant a new business partner and a whole new set of learning and challenges as the co-founder of Nectar Juicery. 


Fast forward a little, and now with three kids and three businesses... life was full!  

The third business I setup was my own coaching business so I could help other people start (or improve) their own businesses. 

I set up my third business from the beginning to align with me rather than challenge me. If anything, the challenge only came when we decided to move to Bali and make travel such a big part of our lives. 

 I was determined to run my business in a way that honored my health, my relationships, our desire to travel, and every other part of my life. 

I reached a time and place in my life where I decided I needed to be ruthless with setting things up in a way that worked for me.

And this was in all areas... My life, my health, my family... And as I did this, I realized it would work for ANYONE.

Once I was very clear on my values, I placed them up front with everything I did. I also made sure my choices and my schedule reflected those values.

And the results have been incredible.  

Rather than operating from a place of overwhelm, burnout, and exhaustion, I’ve created three successful businesses on the belief that true success comes from aligning who you are with what you do. And with that alignment comes the grace, flow, and ease you desire. 

I’ve been able to move life around the globe–travelling with my husband and our three kids to China, Vietnam, Malta, Hawaii, Mexico, USA, and Bali in the past three years.

And along the way, we’ve figured out homeschooling, along with a whole new level of fitting work into a certain amount of time and doing things better with less time.  

And now, this is what I want to do for entrepreneurs like you.

Support you to bring your dreams into reality

 Do you dream of taking summers off to travel the world with your family? 

Turning your vision into a real business?

Creating efficient systems and strategies for your business?

Work with you to clarify your values and ensure you ruthlessly live by them

Do you crave spiritual connection and creating a meaningful impact in your community? 

Is family time your top priority? Or travel? Or health? 

(You don’t have to choose!)

Empower you to live your most incredible life

Do you seek the financial freedom most people only dream of? 

To give your children 100% of your attention when you’re with them? 

To feel organized, confident, and powerful in every aspect of your life?

Then let’s begin!


Work With Me!