What is ‘Fake Work’ and Is It Holding You Back?

Uncategorized Oct 13, 2021

You work hard—there’s no question about that. But are you focused on the "right" things? Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs get trapped in a cycle of what’s known as ‘fake work,” AKA, the things we do with good intentions that perhaps aren’t propelling us forward (or in the right direction) the way we think they will.

What is Fake Work?

Essentially, fake work relates to the concept of spending time on all the wrong things in your business, even though you think that’s where your energy needs to go to grow your business.

Here’s a great definition from Rodger Dean Duncan: “Fake work is work "not explicitly aligned with the strategies and goals of the organization.”

Of course, depending on your specific business, these goals will vary significantly. 

In a recent post, we discussed working on your business working in your business, and in some ways, fake work relates a lot to working in your business. Maybe you’re spending all of your time on the menial tasks that don’t capitalize on your genius. When, in reality, you should really be focusing on growing your business, rather than its day to day operations. 

So, What Can You Do?

Did the idea of fake work set off a lightbulb in your mind? Don’t worry! We’re going to cover some tips for focusing on your most meaningful tasks each day, rather than devoting your precious time to fake work.

Step #1: Get Clarity

First things first: you need to get very clear on what constitutes fake work and what is the most meaningful in your business. Make a list of these different tasks, sorted under Fake Work and Meaningful Work. Many of the fake work tasks are things that do need to be done, but do they really need to be done by you, or is your time better spent elsewhere? That brings us to step #2!

Step #2: Start Delegating

You’ve been spending hours on payroll each month because this feels like the kind of work you need to do as a business owner. Now, I know the word “delegation” might send shivers up your spine. But as an entrepreneur, it’s a skill you need to learn to take your business to the heights I know you’re capable of. So your next step is choosing one of the items under your “fake work” category, and delegating it! Maybe this means outsourcing your payroll or getting an in-house employee to take over social media management.

Step #3: Schedule Meaningful Work Time

Once you have some of the “fake work” tasks delegated, you can begin taking back that time to focus on the most meaningful work on your business! This is when you take items from the Meaningful Work list and schedule blocks of time devoted specifically to these tasks. 

Start with one item from each list, and over time, keep crossing things off your fake work list and making more time for meaningful work. Not only will your business begin to change (in the best way!), but you’ll also find yourself feeling a lot more fulfilled at the end of each day.

Let’s talk more! I want to hear from you about the areas of your business you enjoy tackling the most and the ones that could benefit from more ease, grace, and flow. Click here to reach out!

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