What’s the True Cost of Not Finding Your Purpose (Your Why) in Your Business?

Uncategorized Apr 20, 2021

If I were to ask you about your “why” when it comes to business, what would you say? Sure, there are some obvious answers, including earning a living to support yourself and your family. But the kind of “why” we’re talking about today goes even deeper than this.

The thing is, many of us aren’t exactly sure what our why is. What is that deep sense of purpose that drives us to do what we do? What got us to where we are now? Where will this sense of purpose take us next? 

The Cost of Not Finding Your Purpose

Without knowing what our purpose is, we might feel lost. Ungrounded. Like we’re white-knuckling our way through life and business without knowing what comes next or why we are doing what we’re doing. 

The true cost of not finding your purpose (your why) in business is this: you will operate out of fear, scarcity, and unhappiness more often than not. 

Signs You Haven’t Found Your Why

As for some of the signs you’re not living (and working) in alignment with your why? Here are some examples. Tell me if any of them sound familiar. 

  • A fear of failure drives your decisions
  • You worry about how living in alignment with your “why” will disrupt your routine
  • You’ve lost that “spark” and excitement about your work
  • You don’t feel like your work makes a difference
  • You can come up with a million reasons not to make a change
  • You’re going through the motions, rather than operating with a deep, inner knowing of your purpose

Yikes, right? These aren’t fun feelings, but I also know they are all too common for many entrepreneurs. Now for some good news: finding your purpose isn’t as far away as you might think! 

How to Find Your Purpose in Your Business

Discovering your purpose is a BIG part of the work we do in my one-on-one coaching, as well as my group coaching programs. Without fail, there is one exercise I do with my clients that sparks massive progress in this area. It’s called “Soul’s Power Statements.” 

Soul’s Power Statements

This exercise is a baby step in the direction of discovering your purpose, but it’s one that simply can’t be skipped.

So, carve out some quiet time for yourself. Sit comfortably. Grab a pen and paper. 

Then, fill in these blanks as they come to you:

I am ________

I bring ________

I create ________

I love ________

I lead ________

It might take some time to come up with answers that feel right, but that’s okay! You’re doing important work, and it doesn’t always happen in an instant. 

Now, once you have your Soul’s Power Statement, it’s time to create your Soul’s PURPOSE Statement! That’s another powerful module in my Soulful Leadership group coaching course...and the best part is, it’s about to relaunch! It fills up quickly, so be sure to opt-in to my email list so you can be the FIRST to know when enrollment opens.

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