3 Signs You’re Due for a Time Audit of Your Life & Business

Uncategorized Feb 09, 2022

If the words “time audit” caught your attention, that could be your first sign this is something to consider doing for your own life and in your own business. And what exactly is a time audit, you ask? It’s an “audit” of exactly where you spend/invest your time.

What Does a Time Audit Teach You?

When you perform a time audit, you’ll learn things like where you’re spending most of your time, where you could potentially save time, and what areas of your life could use more time and attention spent on them. Another powerful benefit of performing one of these audits is their ability to help you reframe your beliefs about time.

The Power of Performing a Time Audit

Rather than telling yourself there simply aren’t enough hours in the day…you can reframe this thought pattern when you see exactly how you spend your time and that it’s an illusion in many ways! 

Let’s use a daily meditation practice as an example. Right now, you might be thinking “I simply don’t have time to meditate every day.” 

Then, after you perform a time audit, you realize you spend an hour and 20 minutes perusing social media each day. If you took just a tiny fraction of this time spent on social media and applied it to something you want to do but simply don’t have time for (i.e, your meditation practice) just imagine how much your life could change! 

The idea of better utilizing time for the things you want to do but always feel like you don’t have time for might be intriguing enough. But here are three more signs it’s time to perform a time audit!

Signs It’s Time for a Time Audit

Life feels chaotic, overwhelming, and moving too fast

If you often feel like life is chaotic, overwhelming, and simply going too fast…this is a surefire sign it’s time to examine how your time is spent. 

We all have days that seem to go by in a flash. But when it starts to feel like your entire life is going this way, it’s time to reevaluate. Otherwise, you’re missing out on all of the goodness that each day offers…if only we can stop, look around, and take it in!

You’re always busy but things aren’t getting done

We often get caught up in doing “busy work” and being stuck in the productivity trap. The problem is, we might spend so much time keeping busy that what we’re actually doing is spending valuable time on things that aren’t actually helping us make progress in our lives or our businesses. 

(Before you go, don’t miss this post where I share my four-decision method to help you make more time in your life!)

Even when you have “time off,” you can’t stop thinking about everything you need to do

You’re finally kicking your feet up for some well-deserved R&R. You’ve brought along that book that’s been sitting on your nightstand for months and you’re finally going to crack it open. But you don’t get more than a page in before you’re overwhelmed with thoughts of all of the things that await you once your R&R session is over. 

Sound familiar?

We’ve all been there, and it’s another big sign it’s time to perform a time audit so you’re not left feeling this way and you can actually start enjoying your “down time.” 

Now, as for actually performing a time audit? That’s a different ball game! But it’s easier than you think and I’m here to walk you through the whole process. We cover everything you need to know in our upcoming mini-course: “Get 4 Hours of Your Week Back in 7 Easy Steps.” Stay tuned for launch details so you don’t miss out on your spot!

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