3 Top Tips for Effective Delegation

Uncategorized Jul 14, 2021

When I get to know entrepreneurs during our coaching calls, there are a number of habits and challenges many of them have in common. Today, let’s focus on one of the specific challenges that is common among entrepreneurs: delegation. Or rather, a lack thereof. 

All too often, as entrepreneurs, we adopt the mindset that we need to do everything ourselves. We think it’s a waste of time or resources to outsource, and it will take more time to train someone else than to just complete the task by ourselves. Or sometimes, we struggle to trust any one else with the precious business we have worked so hard to grow.

But here’s the problem, we can only do so much. Every single one of us is subject to the same amount of hours in a single day. Sure, we may all have different responsibilities during those hours, but the hours are the same nonetheless. 

There will come a point where delegation is not only helpful, but necessary to continuing success. You may be able to get to a certain level handling things on your own, but eventually you’ll realize that only one person can only do so many things. 

Enter: delegation. 

Your business simply won’t grow past a certain point until you start delegating.

With effective delegation, you’re able to focus on your Zones of Genius. 

As Laura Garnett describes it: “Your Zone of Genius is comprised of two essential data points: your genius and your purpose. Your genius is the thinking or problem solving that you're best at; it's what allows you to be challenged in the best way possible.”

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Now, can you imagine how much more effective, balanced, and at purpose you could be if you were able to put all of your focus and energy into your genius and your purpose? 

Rather than spending valuable hours on menial tasks or things like bookkeeping that other professionals could handle far faster, you’re able to dedicate your resources to the things that only you can do and will make a big difference in your business.

Tips for Delegating

Finally, let’s move on to three quick tips for effective delegation to help you get started. 

  1. Write down all of the tasks you do in a day/week/month: Then, divide these tasks into the ones someone else could handle and the ones you need to handle yourself. For example, as the face of your business, you’ll be responsible for hosting a live Q&A on your Instagram. On the other hand, posting images and graphics to your Instagram feed each day is something that could be delegated to a virtual assistant. 
  2. Clear communication is key: Anyone you delegate tasks to can’t read your mind. As nice as it would be for them to instantly know what you want, it takes clear communication to get there. Focus on very clearly defining your expectations and any other information necessary to get the job done right. 
  3. Share feedback, but don’t micromanage: Allow the people you delegate to some room to experiment, and potentially even fail. Nothing is going to be perfect from the get-go, and there might be some growing pains while your new hires adapt to their new role. It’s important for you, as the manager, to offer feedback, provide clear expectations and information, and answer questions as they come up. But if you’re “too close” to the task, you’ll end up spending just as much time micromanaging as you did on the original task in the first place.

What are some of the tasks you delegate versus the ones you do yourself? I’d love to hear from you! Click here to use this form to send me an email or schedule a call.

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