3 Ways to Stand Out in a Crowded World of Entrepreneurs

Uncategorized May 18, 2021


Does it ever feel like standing out among hundreds of other entrepreneurs in your field seems impossible? Or maybe it feels like these same entrepreneurs are getting opportunities that simply aren’t available to you? Whether it’s experiencing Imposter Syndrome or the struggle to get noticed (and get business), most entrepreneurs have struggled with trying to stand out in a crowded field at some point.

How to Stand Out in a Crowded World of Entrepreneurs

Is that you? Then you’re in the right place! Today I’m going to share three ways for you to stand out, even in crowded industries when it feels like growing your business is an uphill battle.

Let’s get started!

Adopt an abundance mindset

Next time you’re faced with thoughts of, “I’ll never get enough business! Why would someone choose me over another business/service/product?”, try this instead: switch to an abundance mindset!

The kind of thoughts I just described come from a scarcity mindset. One where it feels like there is simply not enough money or clients to go around. Instead, say this, “There is plenty of business and opportunity out there for everyone. There is room for everyone to succeed.” The more you tell yourself this and work on shifting your mindset in this direction, the more natural this thought pattern will become!

Focus on your unique features

The field you’re in might feel crowded, but I know with absolute certainty there are magical gifts that you, and only you, can offer this world. The key is digging out these gold nuggets and then using them in your branding to attract the clientele these gifts will resonate with. 

Sometimes it’s hard to see these things for ourselves. In that case, I invite you to ask your close friends or coworkers to help you out! Ask them to write down three words or characteristics that make you unique. Among these responses, you’ll start to notice patterns. Then, you can frame your offerings from this unique standpoint, with a focus on what makes you different. 

Remember: these unique selling features won’t resonate with everyone. Nor should they! Instead, these key features will be the thing that attracts the clients or businesses that are meant for you. 

Focus on leveling up

Stagnation can be a killer for any business owner. If you’re not constantly working hard to educate yourself, grow your business, and improve your services, you can bet your “competition” is! To stand out among a crowded field of other entrepreneurs and business owners, be willing to level up. Invest not only in your business, but in yourself. The best part is, there are ways to do both of these at the same time.

One example is investing in business coaching designed for entrepreneurs. Yes, you’ll learn how to grow your business. But you’ll also learn how to grow as a business owner. This kind of work is the kind many business owners aren’t willing to put in. But if you are, you’ll notice a huge ROI in a number of ways. 

So, there you have it–three ways to stand out in a crowded world of entrepreneurs. Remember: there is enough business and enough money to go around for everyone! The world needs your special gifts and talents, so get out there and start offering them!

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