7 Characteristics of a (Soulful) Leader

Uncategorized Dec 01, 2021

Have you ever met someone who naturally embodies everything it means to be a leader? Maybe there was something about them you couldn’t quite put your finger on, but you just knew they were born to lead. There’s a good chance they embodied certain leadership characteristics that are common among the world’s greatest leaders. Can you guess what these characteristics of a leader are? 

What is Soulful Leadership?

Beyond just the characteristics of a leader, today we’re going to talk specifically about the characteristics of a soulful leader.

And what is a soulful leader, you ask? One who leads with soul! Soulful leadership is all about BEING and LEADING in a new and more powerful way. It means embodying leadership, particularly, these seven characteristics. 

Characteristics of a (Soulful) Leader


A soulful leader centers themselves in who they are and the vibration they hold. (On the topic of vibration, here's how to raise your vibration and why your state matters)


Soulful leaders make it a priority to connect. They connect to themselves, their intuition, and of course, to others.


They are clear on their purpose, the impact they wish to be making in the world, and how they wish to contribute. This characteristic of a leader is something many leaders have to work hard on. You might be clear about your wish to lead, but the path you’ll take for doing so isn’t always as clear. 

This is one area a mentor, coach, or guide can be particularly beneficial! Not only can they help you find the clarity you need, but they can also offer their experience and expertise along the way. 


Soulful leaders are creative and are at cause in their life, not a victim, responsible for owning who they are being and the outcome they are getting.


And for the sixth characteristic of a soulful leader, we come to courage. A soulful leader is courageous in what they think, say and do. And of course, in who they are being. They are living according to their own inner guidance.


A soulful leader commits to keep showing up and doing the work to live the highest version of themselves.


They contribute to something greater than themselves, and are here to do the work to make (dare I say) a better world for themselves and everyone around them!

Develop the Characteristics of a Soulful Leader

We talked about how some people embody these characteristics of a leader from the get-go. But there are many people who were born to be great leaders who can work on cultivating these characteristics and developing the leadership skills they need to be the greatest possible leader. 

In fact, the very best leaders know they’re never done learning! That means, they’re always looking for ways to continue cultivating and developing leadership characteristics and skills.

Are you ready to do the same? 

One powerful option to consider is my Soulful Leadership course. In it, you’ll learn soulful strategies for creating consistent results in your life and business so that you can further expand your impact and income in three months or less!

Want to talk more about Soulful Leadership or the characteristics of a soulful leader? Reach out and let’s chat!

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