How to Connect With Your Intuition? Ask this BIG Question

Uncategorized Mar 02, 2021

Do you struggle to make quick decisions, or to make decisions at all? Maybe you’re left questioning every choice you make and wondering if you’ve turned down the wrong path.  

What if you could have access to all of the “right’ decisions all of the time?

Enter: Your intuition. 

Today, let's talk about strengthening and deepening your relationship with your intuition. 

We'll dive into how to communicate with your inner wisdom with practices you can use before bed or through the day to have you connect with and understand your own inner wisdom.

First, let's talk about what we really mean by intuition. 

What is intuition?

I define it as your inner voice. Your inner knowing. And your inner wisdom: your soul whispers. Would you agree? 

What is gained by tuning into your intuition?

Tuning into this inner knowing can serve a number of powerful benefits in your life, and not just when it comes to decision making. They include: 

  • Reducing stress
  • Unleashing creativity
  • Integrating the right and left brain
  • Improving mental, physical, and emotional health
  • Increasing self-knowledge

Now, are you bursting at the seams waiting to hear how you can enjoy all of these benefits for yourself? Then let's talk about some of my favorite steps for connecting with your intuition! 

3 Steps for Connecting with Your Intuition on a More Consistent Basis

  1. Make space: Making the time and space to intentionally connect with your intuition. This could mean playing your favorite music, cultivating a relaxing space, or just carving out some alone time. 
  2. Ask: Ask for the answers or guidance you wish to receive. You can do this each night before bed, first thing in the morning, or any time you need this guidance. 
  3. Wait/Receive: While you wait for your intuition to kick in, make sure you keep listening to what it has to say! 

....and repeat!

Your daily question

Each of these steps is related to intention. You intend to connect with your intuition by MAKING SPACE for it. You intend to connect with your intuition by ASKING to connect with it. And finally, you intend to RECEIVE this guidance. 

If you want to receive this guidance even more clearly, you can ask yourself this one big question each day. Whether it's a journaling prompt, or just something you want to ruminate on, ask yourself this question every day, and particularly when you need to connect with your intuition: 

What is my soul whispering, saying, or screaming? 

This is one of the most transformational questions you can ask yourself because even the way the question is set up has you doing deep listening to your inner most thoughts. It forces you to look, notice, and listen to inner whispers. By asking this question, you're setting a powerful intention for yourself: to connect with your intuition.

And with this connection, you'll not only be able to make better decisions, but you'll also feel more empowered and confident in these decisions. Living your life based on your infinitely knowing intuition can mean incredible things for you! 

So, what are you waiting for? Ask yourself TODAY what your soul is whispering, say, or screaming to you and let your intuition lead the way!

Following your intuition is one way to create massive change in your life where you need it most. Another is my Business & Beyond Year-Long Entrepreneurial Coaching program! Click here to schedule a call or learn more. 

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