Is It Possible to Learn Our Lessons Through Joy?

Uncategorized Jun 03, 2021

I recently had the privilege to be a guest on the GlowJo podcast with Leanne Kallal where I got to discuss the concept of learning lessons through joy… more specifically, if it’s really possible or if it’s too good to be true. 

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You know that saying “learning lessons the hard way?” When did that become the standard, or the expectation for learning? Why does it have to be hard to learn lessons? Could they, rather than through pain or strife, instead be learned through joy?

In my experience, the answer is a big, fat YES! 

Learning Lessons the Joyful Way

Not long ago, I came across a piece discussing how as human beings, we are (if we don’t train ourselves otherwise) hardwired for negativity. We look for what’s wrong. What’s missing. What needs to be fixed. But if we live life through a constant filter of what’s wrong or what’s missing, we’re ultimately missing out on what is good and what is here

(Curious about diving deeper into the “Negativity Bias?” Check this out next)

And until we step back and start viewing life through the lens of emphasizing what’s good and what’s here rather than what’s wrong or what’s lacking, learning lessons through joy isn’t really an option on the menu. 

So, how do we begin changing this?

The Hard Road vs. Ease, Grace, and Flow

I’d love you to catch the whole episode to dive in further to discover what needs to change to start learning lessons with ease, grace, and flow rather than struggle...but I also want to be sure to leave you with some gold nuggets to get you started on this very process today!

First, we need to acknowledge the filter through which we see the world as well as our own identity. Both of these things determine whether we learn lessons the hard way, or the easier way. 

Begin by switching to a filter of what’s good and what’s here, rather than what’s lacking. Then, pair that with your new identity of someone who learns through ease, grace, and flow. 

Setting these intentions makes it possible to learn lessons through joy and that means no, it isn’t too good to be true or impossible. It just means it takes some work, or more specifically, intention. 

Set a new intention for viewing the world this way and you’ll begin to identify as someone who can do hard, big things...but with less stress, pain, and struggle.

How to Begin

Of course, I want to leave you with an actionable tool for beginning to change this filter and shifting your identity in this positive direction. Time and time again, the best way is looking inward for these changes rather than listening to that inner voice that already knows what is good, true, and right for each of us.

So, let’s start by connecting, listening, and tuning in to this voice inside of you, your innate wisdom, and the guidance that will lead you to living and learning lessons with ease, grace, and flow.

Head to this post next for the BIG question you need to ask to start connecting with your intuition every single day.

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