What Does Scaling Your Business Mean to You?

Uncategorized May 11, 2021

Many of the entrepreneurs I work with come to me with the goal of “scaling their business.” I already know this means their goal is for their business to make more money. When I ask them exactly what that would look like, they don’t always have the answer. 

But the truth is, there are a number of different ways to scale your business.

Different Ways to Scale Your Business

The same way there isn’t only one way to track progress or growth in other areas of your life, there are a few different ways your business can grow. Sure, the endgame might be “more revenue,” but how are you going to get there? Depending on your unique business and your strengths, there are several different paths to scaling your business.

Here are some of the different ways you can scale your business. 

You earn the same amount with less work

When you first started your business, you may have been putting in 80 hour weeks, week after week. This earned you a comfortable income, but you had no time to reap the rewards of your hard work. Now, your work week has been cut in half (or more) but you’re earning the same amount of money (or more). This is a big sign your business has grown. 

(Speaking of growing, did you know that by identifying your triggers, you can accelerate your growth? Read about what I mean in this post)

You are able to charge more for your services

You might have had to have 20 clients on the go at any given time to make a profit in the past. But as your business has grown, you’re able to charge more from each client, meaning you have to take on fewer clients (if you choose to). This is another sign you have scaled your business!

Your team has grown

Growing their team can be a scary step for an entrepreneur, but it tends to be a necessary one with a great ROI. Right now, even if you are earning less yourself because you’re paying more team members, the need for more team members is still another sign your business is growing. 

Other signs you’re scaling your business

I am all about celebrating the wins in your life and your business. All too often, we’re too hard on ourselves and don’t even notice these wins when they happen. On top of the three signs you’re scaling your business we just covered, here are a few others worth celebrating:

  • You are growing your email list
  • Your customer retention rates are higher
  • You have diversified your income streams
  • You feel more energetic, vital, and invigorated at work
  • Your revenue has become more predictable
  • You have automated systems in your business that were once incredibly time-consuming

There are a million other ways you are succeeding each day, even when it doesn’t feel like it. Don’t forget to give yourself credit where credit is due and take note of your achievements. 

If you’re ready to scale your business even further, business coaching can be a game changer. Want to find out if we would make a good team? Click here to learn about the different ways to work with me.

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