Your "Year in Review" Practice: Find the GOLD

Uncategorized Jan 05, 2021

Let me guess: you've never been more ready to say goodbye to a year than you are in 2020! For many of us, 2021 can't come soon enough. But before we say au revoir to this year, let's take a moment to learn from, grow from, and pull from the gold of this last year. Yes—I promise you there was gold! Sometimes, it just takes a "Year in Review" to see it. 

My "Year in Review" Practice

At the end of every year I do a yearly debrief, yearly review, yearly taking stock exercise, call it what you want, but the outcome is the same: It touches areas of where you thrived and struggled…the questions have you examine what really works in your vitality, relationships, and life. 

Then, you can learn the lessons and set intentions for the new year based on what you've learned.

I've cultivated and refined this "Year in Review" practice over the years, or perhaps even decades. It's something I look forward to each year, and today, I want to share it with you!

After all, when we review, we improve.

Let's get started

So, when you're ready, grab a pen and paper. 

One by one, take the time to reflect on and answer these questions: 

  1. Where did I thrive this year? 
  2. Where did I struggle?
  3. What was important and why?
  4. Where did I spend my time and energy?
  5. What meaningful moments do I want to remember?
  6. List the lessons you are grateful you learned this year.
  7. Which practices and rituals served you well this year? (Meditation, perhaps?)
  8. Where and how was I courageous? (Hint: it will be more than you think!)
  9. What brought me joy?
  10. How did I treat my body, heart, spirit, and mind?
  11. How did I show up for people I care about?
  12. What situations triggered fear or discomfort?
  13. Did I move through them? How? Or why not?
  14. What am I ready to let go of?
  15. What am I taking with me?
  16. The best use of my talents in 2020 was...
  17. What is the word that represents what I want to bring forward into 2021? (Examples include: light, compassion, manifestor, calm, peace, focus)

The Benefits of Doing a Year in Review

You've done it, you've answered all of the questions and looked back at your year. But how will this Year in Review practice serve you? First of all, it's a great reminder of how much GOOD there really was in the year! (A reminder we could ALL use this year!)

It's also an important tool for determining what didn't work for you this year. Where you struggled, what you're ready to let go of. Sometimes, the answers will surprise you and you won't realize what's no longer serving you until you actually ask yourself the question. 

Keep all of your "Year in Review" sheets in one place to look back at over the year. Take a look at them throughout the year or whenever you feel like it could serve you well. If you told yourself you were leaving fear in the past year, but you realize it's still in your passenger seat, it could be the reminder you need to be brave. 

And finally, use your Year in Review as the motivation and reminder of how powerful, incredible, and vital you are (because you truly are!). This is your chance to pat yourself on the back for all of your accomplishments and realize what a special and important being you are. 

So, what do you say, are you ready to review your year before we welcome a new one?

If you're determined to make 2021 your best year yet, I would love to support you in that goal. To learn more about my business coaching programs, courses, and other offerings, click here. As always, you can also contact me via email.

Here's to an incredible 2021!

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