Want Financial Freedom? Start by Knowing Your Numbers

Uncategorized Dec 08, 2020

What goes through your mind when you hear "financial freedom?"

Is it a pipe dream? Something you've always wanted but never thought was possible? 

The truth is, it might not be as far off as it seems. 

It will take work, of course. And much of that work starts by getting really cozy with your numbers. We need to break down the fear of looking at your financials and getting on an up-close-and-personal basis with them to set off on the path toward financial freedom.

Stop, Start, and How

So, today I'm going to share with you three things: what you need to STOP doing, what you need to START doing, and HOW to do it! 

Step #1 to Financial Freedom: STOP avoiding

It's time to STOP avoiding looking at and understanding your numbers. Time to stop spending without a clear plan, without absolutely knowing where money is going in and out. This can cause real problems in both your life and business.

The sooner you can get a complete understanding and a clear picture of your finances, the sooner you'll feel even better about your money. 

Step #2 to Financial Freedom: START getting clarity

Now you've stopped avoiding your finances, it's time to get more acquainted with them.

Now is the time to know all your numbers, inside out. That includes revenue, expenses, margins, best performers, COGS.... all of it! Once you know all of your revenue lines, and the COGs that go with them, and stick to the budget or backtrack and make one...

Get super clear on what makes money in your business, both effort-wise and line item wise.

Trust me, when you commit to knowing your numbers fully and completely, you are truly investing in your financial future and freedom.

Step #3 to Financial Freedom: The HOW

We've covered what you need to stop and start doing to get financial freedom, but now I'm going to share with you two critical "HOW" factors to take you there. (When it comes down to it, it's all about awareness first, and then understanding!)

  1. Gather your numbers: Get your P&L, Cash Flow, and Balance Sheets for your business.
  2. Meet with your financial team/advisors/business mentors to go over your numbers and discover where your biggest opportunities are to increase overall profitability. *Remember the fastest way to increase profitability is to reduce expenses, then grow profitability. 

Ready to get started?

Taking these steps can be scary at first. They feel too big, too time consuming. But often in life, the things that feel big and scary are exactly where we need to focus to make the progress we want toward the life we've always dreamed of. 

(If the time aspect of diving into your numbers is a challenge for you, you won't want to miss this post on The 4 Decision Method to MAKE MORE TIME!)

Looking for even more personalized help and support? We should talk. Whether it's a VIP strategy session and 30 days of support or my year-long entrepreneur coaching program, I have the resources, tools, and support you need to achieve financial freedom and so much more. 

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