6 Essential Components of a Vitality Plan

Uncategorized Dec 22, 2020

Are you wondering where all that energy you once had has gone? Or what you can do to get your health to where it could be? Now it’s time to imagine yourself with more energy and radiant health than you ever thought possible. This kind of vitality IS possible, but it's going to take a plan to get there.

And today, I'm going to share with you the six essential components of a vitality plan and why each of them matter. 

But first things first:

What is a vitality plan?

Think of a vitality plan like a roadmap to your most energetic, radiant self.

It includes six core components (some might surprise you!). And the thing is, you might be doing GREAT at five of the six components. But if there's ANY room to improve on that sixth component, it can make all the difference in how you feel each and every day.

After all, these six components work with one another to create the most vibrant, vital version of yourself. If any of them aren't where they could be, your overall vitality will fall behind with them. 


The first blog post I ever published was all about your state. It's THAT important. It talks about how the #1 thing an entrepreneur can do RIGHT NOW to be more successful is to raise their vibration. (Read the full post here)

Your vibration, your state, your energy, has a direct impact on everything you do. If you're at a low-energy, sluggish state, your vitality will be down there with it. 

Take some time each day to first check in with yourself and see what state you're in. What would you rate it out of ten? Chances are, there's at least a little bit of room for improvement.

But I've got you covered. Take a look at this post for a bunch of ways to change your state and improve your vibration. 


When was the last time you took a moment to sit still and focus on your breath? To take those deep, belly breaths that have a magical way of grounding you? 

Most of the time our breathing is unconscious. But when we take an active role in our breathing through what's known as breathwork, it will help you feel more alert, vital, and alive almost instantaneously.

These intentional changes to your breathing pattern and depth go beyond just making you feel good in the moment. Check out this article to find out how a doctor describes the ways controlled breathing has been shown to reduce stress, increase alertness, and even boost your immune system.


The very essence of vitality is being strong and active, so it's no surprise movement is one of the six components of a vitality plan!

How can you incorporate more movement into each day? How can you make it fun, something you'll stick to? If the thought of visiting a gym and finding your way around the weight floor sends shivers down your spine, it's probably not that.

But maybe you KNOW you always feel better after you do yoga–even just for ten minutes. Find a way to build that movement into every day and you'll be amazed at how quickly you start to feel the benefits.

Incorporating movement into each day, and better yet, movement that's fun, is a must for a successful vitality plan.


Your body needs the right nourishment to be truly vital. 

Just like many of these other components the "right" option can be different for everyone. Whether it's incorporating more iron into your diet, more greens, fewer animal products, find what makes you feel nourished from the inside out. 


This year has posed more challenges to connecting than ever. We can't all connect in-person like we used to. We've been apart from loved ones for longer than ever before, missing holidays, birthdays, and other celebrations that can't be held safely.

As a result, many people have suffered the effects of losing these connections. Which just goes to show how important they are to our vitality and well-being.

But don't lose hope! There are still SO many ways to connect and to incorporate these connections into our vitality plans. 

Is it possible to go for socially-distanced walks with a friend where you live? What about scheduling a weekly FaceTime date with your best friend, and holding to that commitment no matter what comes up? (For more on how to make your word GOLD, take a look at this post about radical integrity)

No matter how you find connection in this wild world, cultivate and nourish these connections thoughtfully. And never stop looking for new connections and ways to connect! Sometimes all it takes is a little creativity. 


"Vitality" is probably the last word that comes to mind when you're running on no sleep. It's hard to feel radiantly healthy when you're running on four hours of sleep. Things will always come up—early flights, sick kids, alarms going off.

And that's okay! But if your sleep is consistently falling short of where it should be, it's time to prioritize it.

Good quality sleep is a pillar of your vitality plan, and it needs to be treated as such. It could mean reading for 20 minutes before bed instead of scrolling through Instagram for an hour before you finally shut your eyes. 

Whatever it is, look for ways to add more, good quality sleep wherever and however you can!

How would you score your vitality?

Now that we've covered these six components, I want to hear from you. Which of the areas could use some work for you? Which areas do you think you have a good handle on? 

Comment down below and let's chat! Or feel free to send me an email to discuss how I can help you create the powerful and positive impact in the world you deeply desire–all while living the joyful and abundant life you deserve.

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