Your Personal Vitality Quiz: How Do You Score?

Uncategorized Jan 26, 2021

Today I'm going to ask you to do a little bit of math. But don't let that scare you away–this is the kind of math that can change your life! That's right, today we are going to score your vitality using my tried-and-true vitality quiz I can't wait to share with you. 

When you think of vitality, what comes to mind? Is it your most vibrant, healthy self? Feeling present, strong, active? Maybe that vision seems so far away, or perhaps your most vital self is the one you see in the mirror today.

Scoring Your Personal Vitality

But one thing is for sure, until we actively examine where we stand in terms of vitality, we might not realize it isn't where it could be. 

In my last post, I told you all about creating your own Soulful Activation practice. Ultimately, the goal of that practice is connecting to your highest self, centring yourself from this place, and activating your innate power, intelligence, and of course: vitality. 

Your Personal Vitality Quiz

With my vitality quiz, you can assess your own vitality in relation to how vital you feel, the emotions that are a byproduct of your vitality, and how you cultivate vitality.

The first section is about the vitality you experience in your day to day life. The second section is about the emotions you experience as a result of your state of vitality. And the third section is about how you practice to cultivate your vitality.

Let’s get started! 

Part 1: Day-to-Day Vitality

For the first part of the vitality quiz, you will rate your level of vitality, from 1-10. One being the least or, 10 being the most or highest.

  • Where would you score your level of vitality getting up in the morning over the last 90 days?
  • Where would you score your level of vitality mid afternoon over the last 90 days?
  • Looking into the future: If nothing changes, where do you think you would score your vitality over the next year? 
  • Where would you score your level of vitality in the evening 7-8 pm over the last 90 Days?
  • Where would you score your overall vitality over the last year?

Total up score and multiply by two. This is your number out of 100. 

Write down score #1. 

Part 2: The Emotions You Experience as a Result of Your Vitality

Consider the past 90 days of your life when you answer these next ten questions. Again, you will use a scale of 1-10 to answer. 

  • How much laughter did you experience?
  • How much joy did you experience? How much happiness?
  • How much enthusiasm?
  • How much hopefulness?
  • How much optimism?
  • How much curiosity?
  • How much resilience? (bouncing back after a set back?)
  • How much playfulness?
  • How much energy?

Add up your score. This is your number out of 100.

Write down score #2.

Part 3: Vitality Habits and Practices

For the final part of your vitality quiz, you'll continue to answer each question on a scale of 1-10. 

  • How well do you cultivate your breath to increase your vitality?
  • How connected do you feel to yourself?
  • How connected do you feel to others?
  • How well do you sleep at night and get the rest you need?
  • How well do you nourish your body with the right food?
  • How well do you hydrate your body?
  • How well do you move your body to stay flexible?
  • How well do you move your body to stay strong?
  • How well do you cultivate a powerful mindset around vitality?
  • How well do you manage your emotions to increase vitality?

Add up your score again. This is your number out of 100.

The Final Results of Your Vitality Quiz

Now, here's the fun part: you will take your score from quiz number one, two, and three, and divide this number by three. This is your score out of 100, and it also tells you your vitality percentage. For example, 80/100 is an 80% vitality score! 

Vitality Quiz Results Not Where You Want Them?

But let's say the vitality quiz shows you your vitality isn't where you want it to be, or where you could be. Well, you're in the right place.

I've got plenty of resources for upleveling your vitality and vibration you can start TODAY!

Here are three: 

I want to hear from you! How did you score? What areas did you determine you need the most support to improve? You can contact me right here to chat more about vitality and how I can help.

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